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Ecosystem Building

  • Policy framework development
  • Tech infrastructure projects design
  • Sustainability model creation
  • Innovation programs development
  • Capacity development of BSOs

Target groups: national government bodies, innovation agencies, regional and local authorities

Fostering Innovation

  • Innovation challenges
  • Hackathons
  • Bootcamps
  • Acceleration
  • Demo days

Target groups: students, start-ups, idea holders, business savvy scientists, investors

Business Development

  • Evaluation process management
  • Investment cycle facilitation
  • Foreign market strategy creation
  • Building strategic partnerships
  • Access to capital

Target groups: start-ups, scale-ups, serial entrepreneurs, academia and corporates, VCs

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”The participants were really eager to work and listen to advice - almost everyone I spoke to even briefly was grateful and said they had learned a lot and received really useful instructions, which is the point of this and it fulfills me. Also, despite the fact that I could not join in person and was only available online, I felt very welcome and this goes to the Invento team and other mentors who did a good job!”

mentor Tom Vodopivec

“Great experience and very pleasant atmosphere. I would like to commend the top organization and professional mentoring who helped us significantly in the realization of the project. I left the hackathon with a bunch of new knowledge and skills. Sincere recommendations to all young innovators!”

Ivana from Miffy the Ship project

"I am very happy and proud to have been declared the regional winner of this competition, especially considering the very tough competition that also presented interesting and innovative projects."

Martina Cvetković, Balmaris – a new system for treatment of ballast water and other fluids, PowerUp start-up winner 2018.

“We are very proud to have been involved in the Cassini Hackathon project. It brings together a large part of what we as BIRD Incubator want to encourage in Croatia, and includes young, promising and ambitious STEM students and those who have just found themselves in the labor market eager to create new innovative businesses. We saw really great ideas and young people ready to tackle global challenges and use the available technology and data to create solutions"

Željko Krizmanić from BIRD incubator

“Perhaps the greatest value of the hackathon is the positive and creative atmosphere that usually surrounds the world related to EUSpace and Copernicus, which the teams could feel in encouraging creative work. It was important for me as a mentor to share all the positive experiences, examples of good practice and emphasize the importance of meeting other people who share a passion in the field of space, which created an event where we all have room for further exchange of ideas in future similar events.“

mentor Igor Magdalenić

”Events like this are great because they inspire young people, and give those who have already started entrepreneurship the opportunity to go a step further, raise capital for the first and second phase of their project development and network with the ecosystem in Croatia and abroad and gain the necessary knowledge and contacts for further progress.”

about Demo days Nenad Bakić, Serial entrepreneur and Investor

”Before this Hackathon, I didn't even know what a Hackathon is - and that's why I'm glad I applied! Hackathon gave me a really extraordinary overview of how a business project is actually and practically done. It was fun to get a challenge and a tool (satellites), and then we made a real solution. The atmosphere was pleasant and the people even more so. The mentors who gave us advice all the time are extremely skilled and capable people to whom I am grateful for everything they taught me, and winning first place in Croatia as a team only encouraged us to be persistent!”

Ivan Porupski from the winning team 505 with a Dash and project WeeSea

“We are very pleased with the competition organized by InnoEnergy together with Invento Capital Partner. We think that all the teams had very high-quality products, but we are happy that the jury decided on us with such strong competition. We have been developing the product for two years now and this victory is one of the moments that confirms that we are on the right path.”

Mislav Javor, CEO of AMPnet – a comprehensive, white-label financial platform for new and existing energy cooperatives, PowerUp start-up winner 2019.

”The winner of the PowerUp competition, AMPnet, is a team that has a scalable product. So far, they have shown that they have certain shifts in the market, have contacts with a potential buyer, and have managed to attract investors. This means that they only need an additional incentive to reach the stage where they can expand to the whole EU, and hopefully ultimately to the USA as well.”

Stevica Kuharski, Fil Rouge Capital

“A must-see competition for all energy-related startups who can get direct access to their clients and partners. And next to that – grand finals the national winner is just an amazing experience.”

about Demo days Vedran Blagus, Investment Manager at South Central Ventures

“I joined Cassini Hackathon as a mentor, and I support the teams throughout the process. Our hackers had interesting ideas on how to use Satellite Data for maritime transport, sustainable fishing, and wildlife protection and biodiversity in the Arctic. It is inspiring to see how many people genuinely care about our planet!”

Mirta Medanić, Amphinicy

"This competition was a great and important experience for me and my team. It gave us the opportunity to present and test our solutions, but it also opened up new opportunities for learning and generating new business ideas. We also made many contacts that opened some new doors for us in our business today."

Marko Rašić, THORIUM A+ - cloud software for energy-efficient building design, PowerUp start-up winner 2016.

"CASSINI Hackathon is a unique opportunity to look at the current global challenges from space and find future business opportunities in them. The winning WeeSea team offered an innovative solution that uses all elements of space infrastructure as the basis for new digitalization: earth observation, satellite navigation and satellite communication. We believe that this Hackathon has built new partnerships and raised awareness of the challenges of climate change."

Jeremija Hranjec, representative of ESA BIC

”We entered this competition to sharpen our presentation skills in collaboration with quality mentors. After winning first place I can only say thank you to all the mentors who have prepared us well the last two days. The other Startups were great too and I wish them a lot of success in the future.”

Duje Roje CEO of EazyOil – an automatic charging system for petrol stations that works via reading the vehicle registration number, PowerUp start-up winner 2020.

“Through bootcamp and the entire competition, we learned how to best present ourselves on the market. This victory is a big step forward for us because it will allow us to present ourselves on the world stage. We expect that the finals in Prague will open many new doors for us to investments and new clients.”

Ivan Golubić, Mobile Vehicle Technology – unique IoT platform called IoTaaP, PowerUp start-up winner 2018.

Dalibor Marijanović, CEO of the Invento Capital Partners

INVENTO HUB Croatia supports students, entrepreneurs, and large tech companies
to create successful businesses that bring solutions to a global market.