Boosting smart specialization and encouraging Spin-offs in IT across Danube Region

Project Budget

2.419.000 €

Interreg Funds

1.935.199,99 €

Project Duration


What is SpinIT?

The SpinIT project is an ambitious initiative designed to tackle significant territorial disparities in the Danube Region, with a particular focus on enhancing innovation capacity, knowledge, technological development, and overcoming the isolation of ecosystems, especially in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Its core objectives are to connect less developed innovation hubs with more advanced ones, create a cohesive network of stakeholders across diverse sectors, and foster a collaborative environment conducive to knowledge exchange and technological advancement.

What is the project focus?

SpinIT targets special niches like IT, Industry 4.0, and cross-sectoral collaboration, with a particular emphasis on engaging less developed geographies to maximize impact through diversity and transnational cooperation. The project seeks to contribute to the digitalization, smart specialization, and sustainable development of the Danube Region as a whole, leveraging the strengths and opportunities of the participating countries and regions​​.

For whom is SpinIT?

  • Innovation Intermediaries
  • Start-ups and SMEs
  • Academic Institutions and Researchers
  • Policymakers and Public Sector Entities


This project is supported by the Interreg Danube Region Programme co-funded by the European Union.