Energy+ Program in Croatia

Energy+ pre-acceleration program was targeting young innovators up to 35 years of age towards starting successful ventures, 40-hour educational programme consisted of workshops for idea generation, business model development, scales and pitching. The aim of the program was to support young induividuals with highly innovative ideas in the energy efficiency field to build their businesses and to pioneer change in sustainable energy.

The program in Croatia was provided by Invento Capital Partners in April-May 2020.

The program was carried out in all 9 regions Danube Energy+ Project Partners´ countries: Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine.

About Energy+ Project

Danube Energy+ Boost potential of Young Innovators to pioneer change in energy efficiency inside Danube Macro-region

Danube Energy+ tackles the need for change in regional ecosystems to support Young Innovators in transforming their disruptive ideas into ventures. Project´s general objective is to create an enabling environment, which will support Young innovators to pioneer a change in the energy efficiency area by setting up highly innovative startups in the Danube macro-region.

Project activities: Danube Energy+ ecosystem Package as an innovative learning system for key regional ecosystem actors will be developed by using learning interaction among project partners and inclusive design process involving regional public administrations, universities, SMEs and business supporting actors. It is uniquely composed of two main elements – (1) best practices, models and experience in identification and motivation of individual Young Innovators in regional ecosystems and their connection to ecosystem actors, and (2) developed Danube Energy+ Tool as a pre-acceleration learning scheme for Young Innovators boosting their competences to start successful ventures.

The learning system will be piloted in 9 countries involving 90 key regional ecosystem actors and 90 Young innovators enabling improvement of regional ecosystem actors´ knowledge. To ensure regional and transregional level sustainability and transferability, regional Danube Energy+ Hubs will be created in close cooperation of regional public administrations and Regional Alliance members based on regional Action Plans and Transregional Hubs´ Strategy including the transferability plan to other regions. 9 project partners and 7 associated strategic partners as key strategic cooperating bodies with regional public administrations will join Danube Energy+ project to create a unique partnership based around core expertises needed: work with Young innovators in regional ecosystems; pre-acceleration programmes development and running; cooperation with regional stakeholders, Hubs creation and operations and regional policy sustainability and support.

Project partners:

Lead partner: • InnoEnergy – Germany

ERDF partners: • Cleantech Bulgaria – Bulgaria • Neulogy – Slovakia • ABC Accelerator – Slovenia • Invento Capital Partners (Optimizacija Ltd)- Croatia • E-KLASTR Czech Republic – Czech Republic • Startup Transilvania Center – Romania

IPA partner: • SEE ICT – Serbia

ENI partner: • European Initiatives Center – Ukraine

Associated partners: • Sofia Tech Park – Bulgaria • Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency – Slovakia • Slovene Enterprise Fund – Slovenia • Zagreb Innovation Centre – Croatia • Regional Development Agency of Pardubice Region – Czech Republic • iTech Transylvania Cluster part of Romanian Association for Electronic Industry and Software – Transilvania Branch – Romania • Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications – Serbia

Project period: 01-08-2018 – 31-07-2021

Project Budget: Overall budget: 1 864 354 EUR ERDF Contribution: 1 318 195, 30 EUR IPA Contribution: 139 729, 80 EUR ENI Contribution: 126 775, 80 EUR Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI).

Danube Energy+ Results

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