Would you agree that packaging significantly impacts selling products? In that regard Pitch Deck is your “packaging” and your startup is what you advertise.

Pitch Deck presents Your business to your potential investor. It’s a presentation of slides that refers to your visual identification and outlines bullet points. This is how you should structure Pitch Deck:

  • Introduce yourself and what you do,
  • Describe briefly maximum 3 problems that your product will solve,
  • Show solution to presented problems,
  • Identify your audience and market in prospective numbers,
  • Present the product, its unique features with graphics, video or photos,
  • Point out your achievements by now and future plan of growth,
  • Introduce the core team members and their individual contribution to the company,
  • Refer to your competition and underline how you differ from them,
  • Describe the details about your business model and finances,
  • And finally – present how you will use the funding capital.

Tell a story and use details, statistics to anchor it. Put your contact details with photos at the end to be better recognizable. And finally, keep in mind that Pitch Deck is a tool, but the story is what you should focus on.

It is very important for you to know what to do when you are preparing a pitch deck. There are two important things when we talk about the pitch deck. First one is the objective of the pitch deck represent the opportunity for you to explain to others what problem do you solve, how you can create a new opportunities for others or how you can make their life easier. It is important to find a good for the people who are going to use this product or service. So, the pitch deck is not about you it is not about the product it is about the value that this product brings to the client who will going to use it. And the second important thing is to relax, enjoy, you have done tremendous amount of time or effort to develop this idea or product or service this is your time to shine! This is your time to tell the other what you’ve done to help them. But this is also the opportunity for you to do something more that is way it is important to listen. It is the opportunity to tell what have you accomplish but also to get the feedback how can you make your product or service even better for the clients. Bringing the product or the service to the market it is dialog between you and the clients.” – Dalibor Marijanović, CEO at Invento Capital Partners

What is the most difficult for you when making a Pitch Deck? Share your opinion with us.