What is hackathon?

A “hackathon” (composed of “hacking” + “marathon”) is a participatory activity of short duration where people come together to solve some particular real-life problems (challenges) in a friendly and fair competition. It provides a space and a time for participants to make progress on problems they are interested in and an opportunity to learn about specific topics (subject of the hack). Training workshops/lectures are a great parallel track, especially for newcomers and for all participants.

"Hacking" is a creative problem solving process that involves overcoming established common rules (the innovation process) in a short but continuous effort (2–3 days, nights included). The problem field could be less or more challenging in relation to the innovation target and not necessarily involve technology (but in most cases, technology is one of the enablers for participants). The activity is typically made through the involvement, physically and/or virtually, of many quite skilled participants (“hackers”) who could be students, professionals, or researchers.

See what we have done with the CASSINI Hackathon!


What can we learn at Demo days?

We believe that the best investments happen because of relationships. Demo Day is an intimate event for accredited and active investors to have real conversations with founders. Startups can apply to pitch and can also be nominated by local partners.

The day is a celebration of everything that startups represent: the “a-ha” moment, the team formation, the company generation, first milestones such as an MVP, first customers or revenue. It’s about the pure grit, drive, and determination that founders go through to create something new and innovative, and, hopefully, something with the right product-market fit that will go on to form the next wave of tech. 

See how it was when Invento did it! https://inventocapitalpartners.eu/invento-in-action/demo-days

What is a pre-acceleration program?

A pre-accelerator is a crash course in accelerator-readiness. In an accelerator, you rely on what you've learned in a pre-accelerator to get yourself into the market. An accelerator requires a lot of preparation. Most programs call for a fully-fledged business idea and a working prototype. 


Where can I apply for funding?

We have gathered some information for 2022. So you can look and find some interesting investment calls.

Excel Map of 2022 Funding Options.xlsx

Good sources for this kind of information are business support organisations in your city/county (for example, Plavi ured in Zagreb) or you can find out who is in the Network BOND and ask for help.

Can Invento help me?

If you have an idea and you are looking for mentors to build up your team with entrepreneurial knowledge - YES

If you are a start-up with deeptech innovation and are looking for investment opportunities - YES

If you are an entrepreneur with an innovative idea who needs help with business development - YES.

If you are looking for a partner to apply for some Interreg projects - you can't go wrong if you include Invento.

If you just want to hang out and be part of the Invento Network - then come to our events and see what we can do!