Selection Criteria for Start-ups

Target group

Start-ups with focus on innovative solutions, at the early stage of development.

The evaluation of the aplications will be carried out by Committee and will be based on the following criteria:

Eligibility Criteria

• The Startup should have a Minimum Viable Product

• The Startup should attach a pitch deck to its application and/or a pitch video link

• The Startup should be within the RIS3 sectors (for Croatia):

- Energy and Sustainable Environment

- Security

Note: Locally positioned startup should explain if (how) it can utilize public grant opportunities in Croatia

Investment Criteria

•Startup registered in CE-Connector territory at the time of the investment;

•Startup in early-stage (before venture capital investment);

•investment size needed: 75 000 - 1 000 000 EUR (including both public leverage and private BA investments);

•have the potential for high demand and can scale easily (market size is big enough and growing);

•the industry focus of Startup on selected RIS3 segment. Croatia: Energy and Sustainable Environment and Security;

•agreed co-investment from public sources by given Provider of Public Leverage in the needed value of at least 25 % of the total investment;

• formed interested Business Angel Group with minimum 3 Business Angels including 1 lead investor;

• passed due diligence

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