Lack of trust
Existing unrivalled local network will be leveraged in order to approach entrepreneurs through trusted sources, which will ensure that the relationship gets built during the incubation/investment process
Lack of Understanding between Entrepreneurs and Capital Providers
Invento’s partners and principals possess a unique blend of global and local finance as well as operational experience which will serve as a knowledge and cultural bridge in demystifying the world of early stage investing and venture capital finance to local entrepreneurs
Business Development Skills Gap
Invento’s team has a strong track record in business development in both the early and growth stages, and clearly understands what it takes to be successful in local markets – Invento will share and apply best practices with future portfolio companies
Disconnect between Research and Entrepreneurship
Limited business and financial expertise among local research universities, think-tanks and investors is another factor slowing down the pace of ideas acceleration –Invento will partner with key relevant research institutions in the region to offer assistance and incubate project
Lack of Commercialization
Invento will employ a market centric approach by focusing on projects & technologies that will address the current unmet needs present in the market, which will help rapid commercialization of products/platforms and enable growth

Invento Capitals understanding of the local challenges will be key in ensuring successful investments


Western Balkans is the last bastion of Emerging Europe set on an eventual path of joining the EU

Still untapped solid economic base separated into several countries with strong cultural and economic ties
  • A clear “community of interest” as most countries from ex-Yugoslavia share a common culture, language, interests and consumer preferences
  • Dynamic demographics: approaching 25 million people (roughly a third of Turkey, more than half of Poland), however growth capital is significantly less available
  • The region of Eastern Europe with the hardest “post-Berlin wall” landing – significant development yet to be realized with a stabilized political framework now in place under EU mentorship
EU-bound, geographic and economic hub between Germany/Austria and Turkey/Middle East
  • Entrepreneurs and companies from the region have long established close relationships and worked with all surrounding countries, including Russia.
  • Foreign investors from the EU are the most active in the region, with the bulk of exports going into EU/Russia
  • Perception of the region lags reality on the ground as significant potential in human capital and pertinent skills still await deployment
Lack of viable early financing options for entrepreneurs has significantly sapped economic growth
  • Addressing the “equity gap” in the Western Balkans market will enable significant inherent growth to be realized as numerous innovative local projects stalled due to a lack of viable financing and business development options
  • In spite of the “equity gap”, there is an entrepreneurial class that is active and ready to engage in order to execute on opportunities

The Western Balkans market opportunity is an ideal match for funds objectives