• Combining local and international experience with financing, entrepreneurship and innovation development expertise
  • All management team members are either native or fluent in English and have prerequisite local language skills
  • Unique team of investors, entrepreneurs, bankers, and engineers, with first-class reputations and high integrity
  • The team has significant experience working together in Serbia and Croatia and is specifically designed with the skill sets to cover the full spectrum of a venture’s development
Structured Finance Skills
  • More than 50 years of finance and investment experience across global and local markets
  • Direct principal roles in deal structuring and bringing transactions to a financial close
  • Deep experience in a variety of financial transactions including early stage, growth equity, consolidations and M&A
Track Record in the Western Balkans
  • Core team members have spent most of their careers as advisors and principals in the investment arena
  • Successful track-record of financing early and growth stage enterprises in the Western Balkans
  • Expertise in originating and executing transactions, valuing, financing and developing companies
Top Level Regional Connections
  • Unique network among international financial institutions such as EBRD and IFC, as well as local banks
  • Network among strategic and financial investors, banking industry, law firms, and local entrepreneurs
  • High level contacts among governments, industry regulators, and local professional associations
Access to Entrepreneurs
  • Invento Capital principals have been actively pursuing transactions in the region the last 10 years
  • Team members’ backgrounds, reputation, and credibility are a major asset in sourcing deals
  • Existing network among local and foreign investors will ensure Invento is perceived as a trusted co-investor
Experience in Building Businesses
  • Invento Capital principals have been actively involved in identifying opportunities and developing strategies
  • Track record of building management teams and executing on business plans across different stages

Innovation expertise

Focus on innovation

Engineering backgrounds

Incubation mentality

Hands-on approach

Regional Expertise

Screening market

Sourcing opportunities

Using existing network

Ability to access deals

Financial Expertise

Structuring deals


Risk Management

Raising debt and further equity

Transaction Expertise

Conducting due dilligence

Structuring transactions

Choosing management

Matchmaking investors


Local professional associations and research universities

International investors

Financial institutions